Yellow / Grow Mobility

Bilhete único


As people store money in their Yellow wallets, that money can be used for other things beyond paying for scooter and bike trips. Charge their transport cards is an obvious path to pursue as they both have to do with transportation.


Also, this new feature should increase the overall amount of money stored in all accounts.

Bilhete Único screenshots


  1. Competitor landscape analysis: RecargaPay, PicPay, Mercado Pago
  2. Regulatory issues given by the Legal team

As each type of transport card has its own design, it’s important to give the user instructions where to find their own numbers so they charge their own cards, not somebody else’s card.

I drew the 3 main card designs as illustrations to guide users about which kind of card they possess.

This is how the user navigates through the daily charge. They can choose how many quotas they want and proceed accordingly.