Coupon card design


As the business evolved, new types of offers were created and the layout should support them and some clients complained about their logos covering part of the coupon image.

I did a handful of explorations of this in my spare time, but none of them were successful. At least I knew what not to do to unboard them.

But after getting so much feedback from users, I could convince the executives it was time to tackle that question.


  1. Guerilla tests with team + few clients
  2. Design references
  3. Lots of iterations
Coupon card iterations

Multivariate or A/B/C test

With current + 2 versions that worked best in our tests. We had a favorite version that might be rolled out for everyone if didn't decrease the conversions because it solved the design problems and didn't hurt the company numbers.

At that time we didn't have expectations of increasing conversions.

Current version (since 2015)
Alternate version
Winner version (also our favorite)

Rollout and learnings

After one month of testing, not only the new versions didn’t hurt any numbers, but both of them beat the current layout in number of clicks.

The first alternate generated around 10% more clicks and the winner version (which was also our favorite) generated 20% more clicks in coupons than control version and was rolled out to everyone.

From now on, client’s offers have bigger images, clearer details and custom call-to-actions, all while generating more revenue for the company.