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To escalate the scooter operation and increase the amount of vehicles in the streets from ~300 to 1000+, the company needed a proof-of-concept that work with 3rd parties was viable in brazilian cities, like São Paulo.

They should collect the scooters with low battery and after 9PM and take it to our warehouses to recharge.

Later was added the option to deploy charged scooters to appropriate spots early in the morning.

Collectors case study

One of the visits to the warehouses


  1. Meetings with operations team to understand what they need to happen
  2. More meetings with people from streets teams to get extra details on how this job was done
  3. Constant visits to the warehouses to observe and talk with both the Yellow employees and collectors
  4. Research about other scooter chargers programs
  5. Hours spent collecting and deploying to understand the impact of the iterations in the whole workflow

Navigate through the map to pick the vehicles you want to collect. Reserve up to 5 scooters at a time that no one else can collect (including the internal team), only you.

Select a warehouse to pick scootes from and after picking them up, appoint where you are deploying. Each warehouse and deploy point have their own capacity available or to deploy so the numbers can guide you around the job to be done.

App has a permission screen to identify the person on the job in case she is pulled up by police, security agents, other collectors or any other case.

Rollout and learnings

The operation started with a few 3rd party drivers that were already working for Yellow as contractors in São Paulo. They were using their employer’s app and then started to interact with the Collectors app.

As the first errors were fixed and adjustments were made (positioning of pins, decreasing from 10 to 5 reservations, etc), an ad campaign was started to recruit more drivers up to the point that the internal team didn’t need to collect scooters at night anymore.

For other cities the same playbook was used and things worked pretty well.

Sketch objects for design system

Collectors design system