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Scooter guardians


As operations evolved, guardian's tasks changed and the app needed new functions. In their job now there are 5 main tasks they do all the time and should be quickly accessible at anytime.

Yes, there is a playbook of this role, but it's not a linear task.

The 5 tasks

  • Turn scooter on
  • Turn scooter off
  • Turn lights on
  • Turn lights off
  • Start checklist

An important question everybody asked:

Why not just have 3 buttons with just turning scooter on/off or lights on/off and start checklist?

Answer: Because the IoT hardware cannot read if the scooter was already on, or the lights were already off, so the app just send the command to the scooter's IoT and the operator has to check if it worked.

So the 5 buttons were mandatory.

Collectors case study

Watching the operations with the guardians


  1. Conversations with operations team to understand what has changed
  2. Meetings with supervisors so we can know exactly what they need done
  3. References from other apps/functions with lots of buttons and actions in the same screen (like Nike Running screen / iOS and Android control center)
  4. Rapid validation with operators (end users) to ensure our proposition was good
  5. Visits to the warehouses after the initial release to check if it's really working, get new feedback from operators for incremental improvements and observe behaviors that can be enhanced or fixed by the app.

Going through the checklist was guardian’s most important task, so it had to be fast.

We changed from a previous flow that they had to report if each item was fixed or not, to a screen where they would report only what they did in that scooter, decreasing a lot the time to checklist each vehicle.

Flows for blocking or releasing a scooter.

The guardian has the option to review their checklist and confirm the action.

Delivery and feedback

The operators were so happy when this version was released that they started to applaud in the warehouse, said it was exactly what they needed. We were so glad! That’s exactly the impact we seek to make with our products.

After few weeks they suggested if there was a way to scan QR Codes in batches, so they didn’t have to go back to the home screen and select the option again, which we did afterwards.