App onboarding


There was one common question to all new users:
“Does this thing really work?”

I did a handful of explorations of this in my spare time, but none of them were successful. At least I knew what not to do to unboard them.

But after getting so much feedback from users, I could convince the executives it was time to tackle that question.


Let's explore further and dig deeper with all this feedback we already have.

  1. App store reviews
  2. User interviews
  3. Emails
  4. Facebook comments

Complaints and doubts about the service. click on the image to enlarge

General compliments about the discounts and how easy it works. click on the image to enlarge

I translated the comments into common topics so we could decide in which to focus.

  1. What we do:
    People might not open the app the same moment they downloaded it, so we need to remind them why they did it and why they should proceed now
  2. How easy this works:
    Here we differentiate ourselves from other solutions that require them to purchase anything in advance, which we don't.
  3. Use it in a brick-and-mortar store:
    It's important to reinforce the mental model and remind them when to use it.

The first part of onboarding should remind users about the advantages of using Cuponeria.

Login and register page.
The user also can skip the registration.

After registration or login, the app inforce its local procedure and asks for permission to use location services from their phone.

The last step allows users start following their favorite brands and receive notifications when they publish new offers.

Rollout and learnings

Users understood way better how to operate this way, by following their favorite stores, rather than being asked what kind of offer they wanted, so the whole flow was smoother.

75% of new users went through the whole flow.