Personal project

WhatsApp temporary group


In order to avoid dead groups with no new messages or interaction between participants, what if WhatsApp built a native option to create temporary groups?

It would be very useful for organizing BBQ, short group trips, birthdays or special projects.

Open prototype

What it seeks to avoid

  • Dead groups
  • Spam messages only to be followed to lots people leaving that group
  • Awkward feelings when a friend leaves a small group
  • Private messages asking why you left the group

The groups below are dead. Still alive, but dead.

Select the people you want to add.

Set the date the group should expire (a few days after the event is a good choice, so people can share their pictures or documents).

When the date is due, the admins make the choice to finish the group or turn it into permanent like the current ones.

Members can also cast their votes to either end the group or keep it permanent.

Open prototype